ITS Translation delivers top quality Polish to English and English to Polish translations of legal, marketing and general texts. All documents can be e-mailed, faxed or posted to me. You choose the delivery option! Documents sent to me are confidential and I store them for 1 year. ITS Translation provides Polish to English translation, as well as English to Polish translation of legal documents, official documents, private letters and general texts. With recognised translation experience, ITS Translation guarantees timely, effective and reliable translations into Polish and English.

My professional interpreting services will help any organisation or individual to communicate with one or more non-English speakers in a range of situations. Interpreting is crucial to many organisations in today’s multicultural society, whether they are for local authorities communicating with tenants, Government bodies or for corporate events. I am a qualified interpreter and I ensure accuracy and professionalism.

ITS Translation also provides proofreading and editing services for you and your business. Flawlessly written documents, CVs and brochures can get you a better job or win more clients! Proofreading and copy editing terminology is sometimes pretty tricky. Not as tricky as these services themselves, though. It takes a good eye and whole ocean of patience to move through text letter by letter, sentence by sentence. It is all to make it flawless, coherent and effective.